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, /PRNewswire/ — Today, some Americans will celebrate something called International Transgender Day of Visibility. However, most of us will simply be left shaking our heads, wondering what has happened to our great country.

There is no doubt the transgender community has gotten plenty of visibility lately. We have witnessed, with shock and dismay, a biological man win countless swim races, including an NCAA National Championship, competing against women.

What makes the Lia Thomas controversy so troubling is the adverse effects it has inflicted upon so many young female athletes. These are women who have trained and worked incredibly hard from a young age to be able to compete at the highest level of athletic competition, only to have their moment in the spotlight upstaged by a man who possesses an incredible physical advantage as he competes in women’s sports.

Despite the woke left’s false narrative, we all know that men and women are biologically very different. Our chromosomes are distinct. God instills unique characteristics in each of us before birth. Males, in general, are larger, stronger and faster than their female counterparts. This has certainly proven to be the case with Lia Thomas. Indeed, this is why men and women have competed separately throughout the history of sports.

We must ask ourselves what comes next. Should we continue to close our eyes to simple reality? Envision the WNBA dominated by male players who weren’t good enough to make it in the NBA, men hitting 400-foot home runs in women’s softball, a field hockey pitch covered with guys in skirts. Think all of this sounds unbelievable? Imagine what you would have said if someone told you just a few years ago that a 6 ‘1 man would tower over young women on the podium as an NCAA official drapes a gold medal around his broad shoulders.

We must end this madness immediately, for the sake of all women. As one of my first acts in the United State Senate, I will introduce the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. My legislation will be short and straight to the point. If you are born a man, you cannot participate in women’s sports. Period.

Unfortunately, we are forced to legislate common sense, but thanks to the radical left, that is currently where we are as a country. Indeed, Lia Thomas’ teammates, fellow competitors and their parents had to speak out against this injustice anonymously, fearing the inevitable backlash and consequences from radical Democrats and the leftist media.

As your next United States Senator, I will fight to ensure America returns to reality and embraces truth, not fantasy, an America where female athletes are supported, admired and able to compete on a level playing field. Women deserve nothing less.

Carla Sands served as United States Ambassador to Denmark under President Donald Trump and is currently a Republican Candidate for United States Senate in Pennsylvania.


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