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STING is the man behind some of the most classic tunes such as Englishman in New York, Roxanne and Message in a Bottle. His career has spanned decades and given how he looks today, shows no signs of stopping. He revealed in an interview the key habits he incorporates into daily life and how it impacts his health.

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Sting, real name Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is the legend musical artist who despite his rockstar status has not gone down the path of most haggard-looking musicians. Opting for a calmer and more holistic approach to life has certainly paid off. What else is the singer’s secret for ageing so well?

Rockstar Sting appears to have barely aged and looks incredible for his 70 years.

As most know, diet is key is when it comes to ageing and longevity.

The singer claims his macrobiotic diet is the answer to his youthful appearance which includes lots of grains and vegetables.

He also avoids processed foods, meat, dairy and sugar.

Sting health: Longevity

Sting health: Singer reveals his secret to his longevity (Image: Getty Images)

Processed foods, particularly meats, have been linked to a wide range of diseases.

In fact, research published in BMJ suggests a strong link between a diet high in red and processed meat to a raised risk of dying early.

The study highlights the importance of cutting back on foods including bacon and ham and opting for a more plant-based diet.

Consuming too much added sugars has also been shown to have a negative impact on health independent of obesity.

Scientists looking at sugars effect on fruit flies found those who were fed a sugar diet were more prone to early death and displayed a significantly shortened survival.

High sugar diets positively correlate with age-related diseases including diabetes and heart disease, so reducing sugar in the diet may delay ageing in humans by preventing metabolic diseases and improving general health.

Sting health: Plant-based diet

Sting health: Star follows a plant-based diet avoiding added sugar and practices yoga (Image: Getty Images)

For Sting, it’s more a way of life with his diet embodying his lifestyle too.

“We’re kind of self-sufficient in food, which is nice,” he said in an interview with Ganga White.

“The way we treat our own bodies is by extension the way we treat the planet.

“What we eat, the way we treat animals—they’re all linked. It’s consciousness, again.”

Sting is a testament to the power of healthy consistency and on top of a healthy diet, yoga has been keen to his stamina and physical physique.

Yoga is an ancient practice and meditation that has become increasingly popular in modern society.

The benefits of practising yoga on the mind and body are manifold.

In one study, researchers found that people who practised yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood.

The practice has also shown to help improve mood symptoms including anxiety and depression incorporating a more mindful and positive approach integral for healthy living.

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